CAS collaborates with the Admissions Office, University Housing, and the College Advising Centers, Dean of Students, faculty and staff to assist students in their transition from high school to Cal Poly. In addition to academic and personal advising, we provide referrals to academic support resources via email, and social media. We can also provide students with information about scholarships, part-time and career employment opportunities, graduate school opportunities and campus and community events and resources.

Personal Advising

This includes assistance with any concerns that have the potential to place a student in academic jeopardy. Advisors provide:

  • support
  • encouragement and advocacy
  • appropriate campus or community referrals
  • Assistance with course or term withdrawal, as needed

Computer Lab

CAS has computers which can be used for studying, completing homework assignments and test, and checking email. The computers include Microsoft office, Mat Lab, Solid works, other programs needed so students can complete assignments. Other programs can be added to the computers by putting in a program request with the CAS Coordinator. You are also able to print for free using the CAS computers.

Presentation Help

If you have a presentation and need to practice, you can sign up for a time and have people watch your presentation and give feedback.

Conference Room

The conference room in CAS can seat between 6-8 people and can be reserved for club meetings, group study sessions, and event planning. When not being used as a meeting space, the conference room becomes a study space so be sure to reserve the space.

Testing Supplies

CAS offers free testing supplies including scantrons, #2 pencils, and blue books.

Study Space

Need a place to study. CAS offers a 24-hour study space with computers, supplies, and a couch when a break is needed.


The CAS Library is a growing collection of books focused mainly around Black literature. The goal of the library is to give students an opportunity to educate themselves on Black culture and history from a non-dominate lens. Checking out a books is as simple as filling out a form.


CAS is working to build partnerships with other offices around campus to better provide students with resources to help them be successful during their time at Cal Poly. Currently, an advisor from the Multicultural Engineering Program is in CAS for two hours a week and an advisor from the Mustang Success Center is in CAS for one hour a week. CAS will continue to bring in staff members across campus to better serve students.  

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