The Cal Poly Supplemental Workshops in Math is an intensive mathematics program for students who are enrolled in mathematics courses from MATH 100 to 143. It is funded through Cal Poly’s Student Success Fee and an Entry Level Math (ELM) grant.

Supplemental Workshops in Math helps students master math concepts and promote collaborative learning, including concept enhancement, problem-solving and mock exams. Workshops are held twice a week and earn one unit of academic credit. Because the workshops are interactive, the more students are involved, the more they learn. The workshops are guided by trained facilitators who are upper-division students

Math workshops at Cal Poly have been successful in providing unique environments for study and learning since 1988. Workshops are designed to operate directly with specific sections of math courses so that all participants are working on similar material from the same instructor at each workshop session.

Supplemental Workshops in Math students focus on learning more, achieving more in their math courses and excelling in their math courses; as a result, students in math workshops achieve high percentages of A, B and C grades in their math courses

Contact Info

Coordinator: Lydia Keema
Program Assistant: Chris Parong
Telephone: 805-756-5788
Location: Supplemental Workshops in Math
Kennedy Library 112
California Polytechnic State University
San Luis Obispo, Ca 93407-0204

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