Supplemental Workshops

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Supplemental Workshops in Science has been part of the Cal Poly campus since Fall Quarter 1991. Its original focus was in Liberal Arts classes such as history, psychology, sociology, and anthropology. After several years, the program shifted to the life sciences because it was determined that the need was greater in that area. Annually lecture courses are reviewed to determine which courses could most benefit from our program.  At the present time, SWS is focused on nearly a dozen lectures.

Cal Poly Plan: Because of its success in helping students master course concepts, Supplemental Workshops was designated as a Cal Poly Plan program for academic year 1996-1997. It received continued funding for the years 1997-98 and 1998-99 and is still partially funded by this plan.

The College of Science and Mathematics has also provided additional funding and support to the program beginning with fall of 2010.

The Cal Poly Plan permitted significant program expansion from 8 to 20 facilitators per quarter. Each facilitator leads two groups. Workshops are currently focused in the College of Science and Mathematics in the departments of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Statistics.

Due to its record of success, Supplemental Workshops in Science has also earned support from Cal Poly faculty and staff members who have witnessed the marked improvements in their students’ performance.

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